Why Us?


Because our aim is सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः (Let all be healthy). Through effective safety practices, high-end technologies and trained professionals who aim to reduce patient’s average length of stay. We want to achieve clinical excellence to provide un parallel quality health services to the community. PBHRC is a first multispecialty hospital in private sector in the region of Mahakoushal established in 1980 to serve the community with a team of Dedicated Doctors who are associated with us from its day of conception. A human approach with ethnicity of actions is all that Prachi Bhatnaagar Hospital & Research Center believes in.

Prachi Bhatnaagar Hospital & Research Center is blend of new reformation of techniques with old school concept of treating people with love, affection and care. Our patrons are being treated in PBHRC since and are consistently been supporting us with their support.